October 21, 2013: Final Week Before Vacation

The alarm went off at two.  I showered and got the car packed and was on the road at two fifty.  No rain this week, thankfully.  I drove past the Ralston’s where Danielle had just left.  So she was on the road somewhere ahead of me, probably already out on 390 heading up to the Thruway by the time that I came by.

I drove over to Geneseo and stopped at Tim Horton’s to get coffee for my trip.  No snacks this time, I was good.  Then onto the highway and south.

The trip went well today.  Had to stop midway to get some gas but that was all.  The weather was nice although I saw the thermometer drop to as low as thirty six degrees while I was driving.  I’m not sure that I am ready for snow already.

I mostly listened to “The Last Founding Father” while I drove.

Traffic wasn’t a problem until I got on CT 7 heading south out of Danbury.  Then I got caught in sluggish, barely moving traffic for about an hour.  I lost a minimum of half an hour on that stretch.  That really sucked.

Work today was nothing to write home about.  Pretty quiet.  This week will be mostly quiet as I start vacation on Friday evening.

I did have to run up to a meeting at another site today around lunch time.  That was my only real break in the day.

After work I checked back into the Econolodge.  Not very exciting.  Only two days there this week, though.  That’s nice.

Quiet evening, I just stayed in the hotel all night.  Went to bed pretty early, just a little after nine.  Need to catch up on sleep after last night and the long morning drive.

Thus begins my last week leading up to my long awaited two weeks of vacation.  I leave Friday night and I will be gone for sixteen days!

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