October 22, 2013: Last Econolodge Day for a Month

In the Econolodge today. Off to work this morning.

Today is the last day of my training, or formal training at least, for the new job.  Spent the entire day working to wrap that up.  I didn’t want anything to linger on until tomorrow so I stayed late, not real late just about an extra hour, to make sure that nothing was going to make it to tomorrow.  I want to have this just done and get to go home and relax knowing that it is all finished.

I finished reading “The Last Founding Father” this morning.  This book definitely taught me an incredible amount, far more than I ever knew previously, about the first two decades of American political history post revolution.  George Washington and John Adams I have studied quite a bit but lessso for Jefferson and nothing at all on Madison and Monroe or even John Quincy Adams, all of whom were covered quite extensively in this biography.  The War of 1812 (the Second War of Independence) was covered in far more detail than I have been exposed to previously as well.

I am now moving on to working my way through “A Concise History of the Middle East, 9th Ed.” which I have been listening to on and off for two weeks.  I am about halfway through currently.

Another quiet evening in the hotel.  Just me and my laptop.  Dominica is feeling noticeably better today after having seen the ophthalmologist yesterday.  Much of it is probably just knowing what is wrong but she has the right medicine now too and I am sure that that is making a difference too.

I did a bit of posting on Spiceworks tonight.  And I listened to about an hour of “Ten Big Ones”, the current Janet Evanovich book that I am reading.  It’s not very good, at least not yet.  Boring, but I feel committed to the series at this point.

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