November 13, 2013: First Morning at the House

Our first morning waking up in the Peekskill house (well, since 2009, at least.) Pretty nice waking up here and having our own home to live in. I have felt like a vagabond for a while now. Dominica did some shopping yesterday while I was at work and we have towels and soap and stuff and a little food. Very basic stuff, but we can actually live in the house at this point.

Today was my first commute into the office from the new house. Took longer than I had hoped based on the Monday night drive home – there is a lot of construction out on 35 and traffic just sits for a long time. Getting to Yorktown is very slow going.

After work I drove back home, for the first time, from Westport rather than from Norwalk. That is a bit farther away and a different path so I ended up taking 95 to 87 to the Taconic rather than going the backwoods way that I normally go. That actually worked pretty well. Traffic was heavy but not horrible.

The snow is gone, it was only around yesterday morning. Back to green again and it looks more like you expect November in Westchester to look.

Quiet evening, still nothing to do in the house. Internet access gets hooked up, hopefully, tomorrow afternoon. We cannot wait!! That is such a big deal. The girls cannot watch Netflix or Disney Junior on their iPads, and we cannot communicate from the house.

We had a fire this evening again. The girls are loving this. They think that a fire in the fireplace in the evening is a grand way to relax and pass the hours. We almost never did this in Texas so they are not used to it at all.

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