November 14, 2013: Internet Access

Today is the big day, we get Internet access in Peekskill. This is the single, most important event that we have happening in association with getting into the house. We just can’t live without Internet access and with phones basically not working in the house it is that much worse. We are looking into getting a T-Mobile repeater, though, which are free, to put at the house so that we have good signal inside of the house. We haven’t decided on that yet.

I am in the office today, which is probably obvious, so Dominica is home to deal with the cable Internet delivery. It got delivered this afternoon without any problems. And they not only showed up on time, installed without incident but they also provided a free switch and wireless access point for us to use so we don’t need to deal with getting equipment to the house right away. That is awesome as we were up and running immediately.

The cable Internet boxes were installed underneath the stairs in the basement which is very handy. We still have in-wall runs of Ethernet to Dominica’s desk from there and we can make connections directly to the future “den television” area where we hope to have the gaming PC set up and it is very central for running Ethernet to the rest of the house.

When I got home this evening I did a speed test via the laptop which is on the wireless and even there I got over 50Mb/s down and nearly 25Mb/s up with a ping time of just 10ms. On Ethernet it should be even better. Mostly in ping latency. A great connection. I have so missed the amazing Internet of the NYC Metro.

We are very happy knowing that we are back in communications now. Dominica can be online all day long, the girls can watch their shows and I can work when I get home. Pheww. We really needed that to be done.

When I got home the girls were upstairs on the iPads. I asked Liesl if she had checked Netflix and she said yes, that she had checked that right away. And then I asked if she had checked Disney Junior and she said that she had checked that too. A few days ago, when we were still at the hotel, she had told me that she was going to check the one and then the other to make sure that they were both working.

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