November 16, 2013: Furniture Day

Long day for us.  Slept in this morning as much as we could.  Ended up having a run in with a group of homeowner association vigilantes that made for a stressful day – actually had to contact the management company and threaten restraining orders.  We are not happy at all.  Not a good way to start the day.  Now we remember why we will never buy a place with an HOA ever again.  Can’t believe that we didn’t learn that lesson after Geneseo.  But here we are with the same issues again.

We had to make an emergency run to the city dump, which we didn’t make in time because we didn’t have any information about it, but they let us in anyway because they felt bad.  So we got to drop off the trash that wasn’t ours to placate the evil HOA scum.

From there we raced back to the house since we had something at one that we needed to do.  So spent the next hour trying to get Dominica’s computer working with audio which ended up being a disaster that we never got working.  We had to resort to using an iPad instead.  How silly.

Once we were done with the work stuff we made some plans and, more or less, just went out shopping.  The big ticket item for the day is to find furniture for our completely bare house.  We did a bit of online shopping but we know that we want to buy from Bob’s Discount Furniture because their prices are so good and the quality is so high.

So we drove out to Rockland County which takes about an hour.  We headed right out to Bob’s and spent the entire evening testing out couches and chairs.  We had a pretty clear picture of what we were going to get before we got there but, if you know how we are, that all fell apart once we started actually sitting on couches.

The one couch that we swore that we were not going to get that we had liked in the catalogue so much, the enormous Dutch modern white leather… is what we decided on.  About as impractical as it gets with little kids.  It is huge, though, and is everything that we need for our living room.  We really wanted the matching chair but it would not fit and to be practical, just the couch and the huge matching Ottoman is all that we could do.  But that one thing completely takes care of the living room and will be delivered on Wednesday finally giving us a place to sit!  The couch is absolutely gorgeous and completely our style.  It is so large that all four of us can easily use it and reasonably it probably seats six or seven people.

While we were couch shopping the girls spent a lot of time checking out the huge goldfish pond inside of the store.  The fish were really big and the girls thought that it was all great fun.  They even “befriended” one of the little fish and named her “Pink.”  The girls would still be talking about their friend Pink the Fish for weeks to come.

While Dominica and I were looking at basement seating options the two little girls went off to look at seating on their own.  Dominica and I were looking at all kinds of stuff and thought that we had a really good idea of what we wanted when Liesl made us come with her to show us what they had found.

The girls had discovered an amazing three person couch that converts into a two person theater setup with lighted cup holders, built in lights and power supplies and places to put food and stuff and storage in the arms.  It was actually pretty amazing and surprisingly practical for us.  The girls were so excited about it that we decided to just let them pick it.  So our shopping was done.

It took about an hour to complete all of the paperwork.  So I worked on that while Dominica took the girls to the Bob’s Cafe where they got free ice cream and sweets and had a good time while waiting for me.

I got everything wrapped up.  The living room furniture arrives on Wednesday and the basement furniture on December 10th.

Dominica wanted to get dinner at Red Lobster which was right across the street from Bob’s so we went there.  And then back home to our empty house.  Only a few days to go now.  Seating very soon.  We can’t wait.

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