October 29, 2013: SpiceWorld 2013, Day One

Got up nice and early, less than four hours of sleep, and it was off to SpiceWorld.  This is my fifth time here.  I started in 2009 and have not missed an event yet in Austin.  Today is my third time speaking at Spiceworld a main speaker and my fifth or sixth time speaking overall.  Plus I’m speaking twice today.  So my total might be as high as seven times.

I got in early and spoke to vendors this morning, I managed to spend quite a bit of the morning with Dominica which was a nice change from last year.  I didn’t attend anything, I don’t believe, before my first panel discussion.  That was pretty early in the day and I feel went pretty well.  I received good feedback on the talk, at least.  From what I can tell, my session this morning was not recorded.  It appears, like almost every session that I have ever done, to have not been recorded.  I’ve since looked for the recording and found none.

I attended some sessions and lunch, which was not up to par with previous years, and then had my big talk near the end of the day.  The Q&A with SAM in the ballroom.  Sadly, once again, the recording was botched and only nine minutes of my hour long session got recorded, so you only get the warm up and not the actual talk.  Nothing of substance or value was captured.  I am seriously depressed about that because I got just tons and tons of amazing feedback and really wanted to get to see the session to see how I did and I wanted to use it for training and career stuff.  I really needed that for some training things that have asked me to submit material.  It turned out that no video was captured and just a few, mostly worthless, minutes of audio.  And my dad didn’t get to watch it live either and was waiting on the recorded session.  In the future I will definitely not speak without doing my own recording, it just isn’t worth it.  They’ve lost something like six out of seven sessions that I’ve done!

The party after the sessions today was okay but way, way too loud and so there was no way to hang out or have fun.  The whole time was just an attempt to escape the volume.

After that party was over we were thankful for the quiet walk to the moderately quiet Touche’s on sixth and the evening began.  Dominica made it out tonight and stayed out to walk home with me around two thirty.

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