December 4, 2013: Liesl’s First Snowman

Slept a full eight hours last night.  I woke up early but told myself to go back to sleep and get all of the rest that I could.  After a good night’s sleep I was feel much better this morning.

I remembered to check the mail, for the first time since moving back to Peekskill, this morning and there was a load of birthday cards for Liesl.  She has not been home since several days before her birthday so she has not had a chance to see her cards yet.  So those are waiting for her.  I am really checking the mail diligently, starting today, because we are waiting on the package from the bank that will allow us to start our home refinancing process.  I am concerned that it will have gone to the wrong place as twice today we got mail for different neighbours.  I have no idea how the delivery of mail continues to be so problematic wherever we go.

The drive into work was pretty good.  Very low traffic today.  Odd, it is only Wednesday.  Should be normal volume.

Work was much better today and my stress level is back down roughly to normal.  I decided to leave work at more of a normal time tonight, give myself time to get home and relax a little.  Tomorrow is going to be long as I have stuff that runs late and then a party to go to that goes very late.  So I am not expecting to be home until after midnight tomorrow.

Got home, made some veggie cold cut sandwiches and got caught up on SGL so that I am completely up today.  Tomorrow is my last day alone, I should see the family on Friday.

Dominica got the Acadia packed up today, nearly everything that got shipped up to New York in the last load is now in the car.  So when she gets here on Friday we are going to have a field day getting what we have set up in the house.  A lot of it is toys for the girls which will help immensely with them being so restless in the house.

Liesl finally got a chance to go out with grandpa today and make the snowman that she has been talking about for a month.  She has been so excited.  I saw the picture of it that Dominica posted on Facebook this evening and it is the most adorable thing ever.  Liesl is so happy that she is hugging her snowman in dad’s yard.

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