December 6, 2013: Liesl Chooses Doctor Who

It’s Friday.  Was hoping that today would be a short day (well, ended around five thirty) but I was in the office until nearly seven.  It is pretty warm, nearly fifty degrees, in Connecticut while in Dallas it is freezing rain and everything is closed and many things are without power.  Quite a difference, nice and warm here with a gentle rain.  And Dallas is in a disaster.  They are really getting it hard down there.  I am glad that we moved when we did!

I got home at eight.  Spent the evening playing with the girls.  When it was just about bed time they asked me if they could watch a show with me.  I asked them what they wanted to watch and Liesl immediately said “Doctor Who!” and Luciana chimed in saying that she wanted to watch Doctor Who too!  I am so proud of my girls.

We watched one episode of the fourth season together then it was time to put the girls to bed.  Once I had read them “George Shrinks” and “Pete’s a Pizza”, Dominica and I went down to the basement and watched two episodes of Sleepy Hollow.

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