December 8, 2013: More Doctor Who with the Girls

As usual, I was awake before everyone else this morning. I got up and made myself a bagel (I am so thankful that we opted for the toaster oven instead of a toaster) and went down to the basement to get some work done. Did all of the bill paying this morning. So nice to have regular paychecks again rather than having to cross every digit every two weeks hoping that we had been paid like it was for the last four years.

Dominica was not feeling well today. She has a migraine and felt awful all morning.

I did not have to leave the house all weekend, except for yesterday morning’s bagel run. This is often how I like my weekends to be. I am away from the house so much during the week that getting home and getting to enjoy the house that we have is a big deal.

The house, these days, is quite a mess. We had an Acadia load of the girls’ stuff come down and those boxes and their contents are all over the house. All we have are cardboard boxes from the move so the toys and books that the girls want, if they want to be able to see them, are strewn all over the living room. They cannot see what is in the boxes, so they empty them out which makes a mess. And they only want to play where we are, which normally means the living room where Dominica has set up camp with the laptop. During the week the upstairs is empty and I only use the basement “office” space a little at night and on the weekends. So even the office remains effectively empty. Our plan is to reverse that, make the basement their play area but until we have a couch down there, it just doesn’t work.

Early today, Liesl wanted to watch Doctor Who since we were left in the middle of a two parter yesterday. So the girls and I huddled on the bean bags in the basement and watched some Doctor Who. Throughout the day the three of us ended up watching three episodes. They just love that show. They get so excited when we are going to watch it. They were even playing Doctor Who games at one point, running away from imagined Daleks. Liesl likes to sit on the pink bean bag next to me sitting on the orange one and Luciana sits on my lap. The girls are really good about following the story and about not getting scared. I found Doctor Who quite scary when I was little and that was the old one that was not nearly as realistic as this and on a much smaller screen.

Dominica got a lot of alone time today, being able to hang out upstairs with the fire in the fireplace and the laptop on the couch while the girls hung out with me in the basement.

Only two days to go until we have a couch in the basement! We can’t wait for that. This will mean that Dominica can move from the living room to the basement and we can all be in one place.



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