January 14, 2014: Luciana Hates Me Going to Work

Got up at six thirty when I heard Luciana screaming. I ran in and got her and Liesl and moved them into our bed. Liesl stayed asleep for a long time, Luciana got out of bed when I went downstairs to head to work. That was at eight. So she slept for probably, fourteen hours last night! I got her a banana for breakfast and set her up on the couch with a show to watch and cleaned up the kitchen and took out the trash while waiting for the Spark to warm up enough for me to be able to see to drive. It is not that cold this morning, less than ten degrees below freezing, but the car was covered in frost and the driver’s side door lock was frozen and did not work. Had to open the door from the passenger side.

After I got to work, Dominica emailed to tell me that she got up and found Luciana at the front door crying for “daddy” after I had gone. 🙁  That is incredibly sad.  I wish that I did not have to leave the girls at home.  Luciana is going through the sadness of daddy going to work during the day and not getting nearly as much time with me as they want.  Liesl had it rough around Luciana’s age too.  It was a little younger for Liesl.

An earlier day getting home from work.  Still just an evening at home for us to relax.  Our evenings are really short.  We are trying to decide what we want to do about the house.  How quickly we want to move, rent or whatever.  Moving to Connecticut will be a huge pain.  We are so sick of moving and not having a place to call home for any length of time.  At least the Peekskill house is the same house “again” so it feels like “home” already even though we just got here.  We have had nearly a year and a half in this house total now.  One of our longer places.  It will catch up with Newark (1180) quickly now.  Our longest stays are Geneseo, Carrollton and Newark.  Geneseo will be quite some effort to overtake.  Newark was just two years.  Carrollton was three years (we celebrated Liesl’s second birthday as we moved in and celebrated her fifth just after leaving!)  Geneseo is the long one but the hardest to calculate because we bought it in April, 2003, moved in in July, 2003.  Dominica moved away that next summer for a few months to work in Ithaca and I lived 2005 on the road.  In 2006 I moved to North Brunswick in February and Dominica moved down during the late spring.  But we kept the Geneseo house and did not rent it so we continued to keep our stuff there and use it on weekends for another year until we sold it.  So we had it for four years, but neither of us lived in it as our primary residence for that long.  Dominica lived in it quite a bit more than me.

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