January 15, 2014: Very Late Day at Work

I was in at a good time this morning. Both girls slept in our bed last night making it hard for me to sleep as I was getting pushed out of bed. So I was up a little on the early side. I grabbed breakfast at the Kurdish deli on my way in.

Today was a really light and short day in the office. Well, in the normal office. Big meeting offsite this afternoon that had me leaving the office for a carpool before three. I got to see parts of Connecticut that I have never seen before, so that was interesting, I guess.

I did not get to leave work until seven and I was deep into Connecticut so carpooled back to the office and then headed for home, leaving the office at seven thirty. I immediately hit construction on CT15, which I should not have taken, and it ended up taking me until after nine to get home! That was no fun.

So I was exhausted by the time that I got home. Luciana was just about to head to bed when I got there. So the whole family watched one episode of Doctor Who with Luciana snuggled in my lap and Liesl under my arm then we put Luciana to bed and watched one more episode before the older three of us turned in as well. I read Liesl her “Prince Caspian” for the night, we are a good way through it now, and she was off to bed.

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