January 16, 2014: Falafel

This is our last “normal” day of the week.  Tomorrow we are prepping for Dominica to leave so we have to be in bed super early or there will be problems since we need to get up at three thirty on Saturday morning to get Dominica to LaGuardia in time for her early morning flight to Love Field in Dallas.

This morning I finished reading Jefferson’s War and started reading Meet the Austins.  “Jefferson’s War” was really good as it covered tons of history that I knew almost nothing about.  It went well with my recent biography reading about James Monroe.  Covering a similar time period, the end of the founding era of America after 1800 in the time period where Americans rarely study their history.  The period between the Revolution and the Civil Wars, the antebellum period, is barely taught or well known.  Quite a bit of defining history happened during that period that we often forget.  The First and Second Barbary Wars are pretty important bits of that period and were really important in understanding our place in the world in the War of 1812 (also known as the Second War of Independence.)

Today after work I swung into the Kurdish Deli that I go to nearly every day and got falafel for Dominica and I for dinner.  I had gotten out of work decently early since yesterday had been such a long day, so I was home at a good time, even having stopped for food.

The family ate dinner while watching Doctor Who.  Dominica is convinced that this is the best falafel that she has ever tasted.  It really is amazingly good.  We managed to watch several episodes and relaxed a bit.  I read more of “Prince Caspian” and the girls were off to sleep.

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