April 22, 2014: Very Long Day and Straight to Bed

At some point, probably around five this morning, Luciana figured out how to get to our room and ended up in bed with us. So it was all four of us there which, even with the window open, made the room pretty warm. I got up around six thirty and Luciana was up shortly thereafter and made me go down and get her an iPad and chocolate milk so that she could start her day. Before I left the house both girls had migrated to the living room which was mostly good as they would leave Dominica alone. They were happily playing together with Liesl’s new Easter Legos when I left to head into the office.

Beautiful morning. The weather is great this week. I stopped and got a sandwich on the way in.

Extremely busy day at work. Exhausting.

This afternoon both of the girls fell asleep and slept all afternoon into the evening. The weekend, plus Katie visiting and, I assume, the fight last night really wore them out.  Katie had gone back down to New Jersey this afternoon but she is going to be back here tomorrow for one more night because she is working in the city on Thursday afternoon.

I got stuck at the work until quite late.

I left work just about at eight and on the way home hit horrific traffic. It took a full 90 minutes to get home even though it was late in the evening.

The girls were awake and upstairs playing together when I got home. I had to set up in the living room and keep working until a quarter till eleven when I was straight off to bed.

I read in bed for a little while and finished reading Madeleine L’Engle’s “Dragons in the Water” and just started “A House Like a Lotus” which is the last of all of the books from her that I have to read from the era when I was reading them as a kid. This one was the O’Keefe series title written right as I started reading the books, in 1984.

Somewhere around midnight Liesl and Luciana, who were still wide awake and making a lot of noise in their room, ran into our room and climbed into bed with me. They had been so rambunctious all evening and once there they were both asleep in no time.

Dominica came to bed closer to one in the morning and was quite impressed that I was able to carry both girls, still asleep, into their room and get them into bed without any disturbance at all!