May 4, 2014: The Day Alone

Today is my one complete day at home, just me all alone.  The girls left yesterday to go to Albany and then up to Frankfort.  I have to work tomorrow, but today is just me, all day with time to myself.

I did not go anywhere today and I didn’t not turn on the television or radio or anything again today.  Totally a quiet day to myself.

I set to work, again, down in the basement and really did an amazing amount of work.  By late in the day I had crawled around the floor enough on my hands and knees that I managed to get all of the larger pieces of things picked up and was able to run the Kirby down there to vacuum for the first time in I don’t know how long.  What a difference that made.  The room looks completely different.  That was exhausting but I feel better now.

I managed to write a new article tonight on “The Cult of ZFS.”  And I got a little caught up on SGL too.

It was a very quiet, lonely day but I did not feel too lonely.  It has been a while since I had a day completely to myself and it let me get a lot done.