June 4, 2014: Happy Birthday Dad

Today was a day of meetings. I felt like I was in them all day.

On the way home I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got the blueberry cobbler donuts again for Dominica because they are her favourite.

It was dark and cool when I got home but it was not too late so the girls quickly cleaned up the living room and we all went for a walk to the playground. The walk up the hill was easier that it was last week. Like usual, we were the only ones there.

We were later than usual tonight and the sprinklers were running. The girls spent more time playing in the sprinklers than they did playing on the playground. They were cold and soaked by the time that we were done but they had a really good time.

Tonight we went to bed on the early side. The girls got good exercise going up to the playground and running around like lunatics and I have been pretty tired the last few days and need some sleep. So we called it an early night and were off to bed as quickly as we could muster, which is very hard when you have a Liesl who likes to take hours to get to bed. We had to skip reading her story, “The Wind in the Willows”, tonight because it took so long to get her to bed. I had a long talk with her about having to go to bed earlier now because we have to make up the time from her taking so long to get there.