June 5, 2014: Adjusting the Bedtimes

It’s Thursday. Today is our last “normal” day of the week. Dominica’s parents will be here tomorrow to get ready for going to Florida on Saturday.

Normal day at work today. I managed to leave work at a good time and got home and thought that, because the weather was quite nice, that we would be walking up to the playground. But as soon as I got home, Luciana told me that she did not want to go to the playground today because she did not want to get wet from the sprinklers. So we skipped going tonight.

The night was very short. I was very tired and Liesl needed to start going to bed earlier so she was getting ready for bed just ninety minutes after I had gotten home. She got the message, though, and she was ready for bed in less than twenty minutes rather than in an hour and a half! Finally the message seems to be getting through.

Liesl was ready so quickly tonight that we let her stay up for a bit after getting ready for bed and she sat on my lap and we watched some of Monsters versus Aliens together which I don’t think that I have seen since we originally bought it on BluRay.

We were all in bed very early. We have to be up early, very early, on Saturday morning so getting plenty of sleep tonight and getting up early tomorrow will be important so that we are ready for Saturday morning without it being too much of a struggle.