July 18, 2014: Car Repairs

We are in the Hilton Garden Inn in Norwalk, Connecticut this morning. Getting up here, right across the street from the office, is awesome. It is so nice to not have to commute for an hour to get to work. I am so tired of doing that commute. Dominica always feels so badly for me anytime that she has to drive down here to Norwalk. She forgets that I am doing this drive every single day. She can barely stand doing it on special occasions and almost always (maybe actually always) gets to stay in a hotel between trips one way and the other so she never experiences doing the full round trip in a single day so never feels the commuting hit as much as I do every day. It is really rough and wears on you pretty significantly.

This morning I got up early and ran the Spark up to Wilton to drop it off at the Chevy dealer there in the hopes that they can get it fixed as it has been having a lot of issues recently. The drop off was very fast and smooth and they had an immediate shuttle to run me back to the hotel. I helped Dominica and the girls get ready and they drove me over to the office and dropped me off.

Kind of a long day in the office today. Higher stress than usual. Late afternoon I had to run up to Wilton again, via shuttle, to pick up the Spark which they managed to get working again. Then back to the office for a while before driving down to South Norwalk to “The Ginger Man” which is a pretty awesome pub down there for a going away party for a friend from work who is moving to California. Was there from about a quarter till seven until nine thirty. Had a good time.

Car did well on the drive home. No further issues, it would appear. Now I can push to get the average past the current 35.9MPG.

Got home and everyone was still awake. Hung out with the family for about an hour and got everyone off to bed.