June 22, 2014: Checking Out the New Pub

We did not get up all that early this morning.  When we did, Paul and I went for a drive to pick up authentic New York bagels from Daily Bagel and then to the Kurdish Deli to get breakfast sandwiches and back to the house to feed everyone.  It was a bagel party morning.

It was early afternoon when I drove everyone to the train station in Peekskill to get them off to Manhattan.  I stayed with them on the platform until they got onto the train to make sure that they knew what to do.  I know how stressful and confusing that that can be.

I came home and worked for a little bit but they were back in what seemed like no time so I had to go pick them up at the station.

Once we got to the house we set up Kelly to watch the girls while the adults went downtown to check out a new pub that Dominica had discovered downtown.

The pub turned out to be really awesome.  They have an outside patio that we sat on and had dinner. The venue was great and so was the food.  The beer selection was excellent too.  We all got Spiderbite Stout which we universally really liked.

It was not a super late night for us.  Everyone was decently tired.  Really just dinner, two beers and back to the house.

The girls had a great time hanging out with Kelly while we were gone.  They have very much missed have babysitter time.