June 24, 2014: Last Night with Our Guests

Got up early today, showered and got into the office. It is a nice day. This whole week has been great for Paul, Karen and Kelly going into Manhattan. The weather is perfect. Dominica drove them to the Peekskill train station around ten to head down like they did yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to pick them up today.

I am about halfway through reading “The Man Who Loved China”, by Simon Winchester.

I was in the office at eight for what was promising to be another long day.

Tonight, after I was back from work, Kelly watched Liesl and Luciana again and the adults headed back downtown for drinks and dinner.  Dinner proved to be difficult so we gave up on that.  Every kitchen downtown shut down by the time that we got down there.  We tried many places walking around a bit.  In the end we just ended up at the pub having drinks.  We stayed out until nearly closing time.

The girls had lots of fun again and are going to be very sad when everyone leaves them tomorrow.