June 26, 2014: First Full Day Alone

Today is my first day completely alone.  The family all let yesterday morning.

Dominica provided the first report on the house today.  It is a true disaster.  So bad that they are sure that they have to tear the house down.  They have a forty foot rolloff dumpster to handle all of the garbage and are afraid that it won’t be enough.  They’ve asked me to go up tomorrow so that I can help because waiting until next weekend will not work, there is just too much to be done.  This is not going to be fun.  They even found a room, completely full of garbage, that after working all day they uncovered a working toilet!! Not even in a bathroom, just a toilet, buried in an abandoned “bedroom” with the toilet just along one wall.  Much like a prison cell without all of the natural light and not nearly so clean.

I got home from work really late and decided to go down to the pub for a pint.  Ended up hanging out with some teachers who had just gotten out from chaperoning the Peekskill High School prom which was tonight.  So I hung out with them, we were about the only people at the bar all night.

So I am going up to Frankfort this weekend.  Not sure yet if tomorrow night or Saturday morning.