June 29, 2014: Returning to Life Alone

I slept in until nine thirty.  I was awake for a while before that but was not going to abandon my last Liesl snuggles for the week any earlier than I had to.  Once I was up it was pretty much just getting dressed, grabbing some donuts and loading up the Spark for the trip back down south.

Before leaving I helped Dominica’s dad move two of the larger pieces of furniture out to the curb for the weekly pickup from the “new” house.  I think that that is the extent of what is planned to be done over there today.  Everyone is really exhausted from yesterday and today everyone is heading to the lake to go swimming and relax.

I got on the road myself just before they were all leaving to go to the lake.  We had thought about having me go to the lake but it would have just added forty to sixty minutes to my drive, cost eight dollars in entrance fees and I would have gotten only a tiny bit of time there while the kids were off playing with each other anyway. Not a good use of time.  So I went straight home.

I stopped and filled up the car with high octane Citgo petrol to see if that would help with the stalling problem that I had on the trip north.  Then it was straight out of town and on my way.

The drive went very smoothly.  Nothing to mention.  It was eighty two today and traffic was not bad.  I managed to nearly finish “An Acceptable Time” during the drive.

I got home around two.  Did really nothing this evening, took the time to just relax.  This is going to be a long, lonely week for me.  But at least it is only a four day work week, I get to head up to Waverly on Friday morning so not as bad as it could be.  I’m still not looking forward to another week alone in the house, though.

I am starting to hear what I think are rats in the ceiling above our bedroom too.  Just great.