August 10, 2014: Dominica Returns

Luciana got up at seven thirty and climbed into bed but only for half an hour.  Then she wanted her chocolate milk, mommy to come home and to watch Go Diego, Go in the living room.  Liesl got up a few minutes later.  Liesl, surprisingly, agreed to the choice of morning shows.

The Scotts ended up not being able to find a hotel room south of Albany yesterday so no luck on having breakfast with them this morning.

By eight thirty both girls decided that they wanted a bath.  I drew them a bath, they both opted for a blue one today.  One of their favourite things over the last several months are these bath colouring pellets from Sesame Street that Dominica found for them.  They love putting the colouring into the water and picking different combinations.  The one that is weird is the pure yellow pellets as they make it look like they are taking a bath in urine.  The blue ones work really well and are perfect for pretending that the tub is the high seas – which works out well as they have a pirate bath toy set for making stories using form pieces that stick to the walls.

They talked me into some more Wind Waker today and, with the extra focus that the morning brings, I finally made it past the really hard part and am able to keep playing.  So we played that for much of the morning and I was finally able to make some real progress and put some distance between Dominica’s game and mine.  Quite a bit of space, actually.  Today was a much better gaming day.

Dominica got home mid-afternoon.  We mostly just caught up and all hung out watching 30 Rock and Wizards of Waverly Place.