August 11, 2014: More Wind Waker

Got to work before eight this morning. That’s pretty early for me. We are hearing a rumour that we might have flash flooding tomorrow which is pretty hard to believe considering that it is bright and clear today. So I might leave a little early tomorrow to avoid the flooding if the storms hit early.

Mostly uneventful day. As are most days. I worked a little late but not bad tonight. Got home around seven thirty. No playground tonight. Dominica had a long day trying to get Liesl back into her school mindset. So they were not very happy with each other. Dominica and I talked for a while and we are both thinking that we want to move into Manhattan, potentially. I was pretty surprised because for the past decade she has not wanted to live there but now she thinks that she would like it. Our trip to Europe and spending time in so many large cities really changed her perspective on city life. That would make me much happier. Living “almost” in New York City but getting none of the benefits while paying the price in money and commuting overhead really sucks. Moving into the city would mean no need for cars, public or semi-public transport to the office, access to all of the great aspects of NY life. I am not a suburban person. Give me an estate in the country or an apartment downtown. Nothing in between.

Liesl and Luciana were both very insistent that we play Wind Waker tonight. Dominica was not up for it but I agreed to play it for a while to make them happy. And that kept us from watching any television tonight so that was good, in reality. The girls are really into the game and pay unbelievably close attention. It is very good for them. Liesl really has good memory and problem solving. And sometimes she even takes the controls from me and navigates something for me because I can’t remember where things are and she has a complete map of everything in the game in her head. It is really quite amazing.

We played for an hour and a half at least. Luciana ended up falling asleep on the couch. So I carried her up to bed.

I have to be in the office early again tomorrow so we were off to bed a little after eleven as soon as we were able to get Liesl to go to bed too.