August 13, 2014: Luciana’s Fever Continues

Luciana sneaked into our room at four this morning and snuggled with me until I got up at five thirty. She still had a pretty serious fever. When I left for the office I got her her morning’s chocolate milk and she went back to bed in her own bed, going right back to sleep.

I got into the office before eight again, even with it raining the whole way in.

While doing homeschool this morning, Liesl asked Dominica why there is still fighting in the Middle East today over the land – they had been learning about the fertile crescent in Liesl’s history lessons and she had remembered about the fighting going on there now and put it all together and remembered from her lessons! This school stuff is really working for her.

It continued to rain all morning in Connecticut.

I am off work again tomorrow.  Luciana’s fever is a bit worse tonight.  She is definitely not feeling well at all.  We can’t find anything wrong with her.  We are guessing that it is just a viral infection and she just has to work through it.  She is a trooper, though, and acts way better than her temperature would suggest.  She is sleepy but does not really complain about being sick or any aches or pains.