July 25, 2014: Watching 30 Rock Again

Finally Friday. Very glad that the end of the week is here. Looking forward to a weekend with the family. One without rats and hornets making noise in the attic.

When I woke up this morning I realized how much cooler it was in our bedroom than it has been all summer. I am pretty sure that the new insulation in the attic is really making a difference. Really noticeable.

On the drive to work this morning I went to start reading Novo Ordus Seclorum but realized that I had actually already read it and just didn’t remember reading it by name. So kept reading “War and Peace” instead. That is going to take me forever to get through. I have fifty five hours of the book left to go and I have already completed the entire first part of the book!

More work for me this evening. If I skipped working this evening I would have too much to do over the weekend. I’ve been pretty good about this all week and continued tonight.

We started watching 30 Rock again late tonight. We both love that show and it has been a while since we last watched it so going back and watching it again is pretty entertaining and I don’t just know everything that is going to happen.