August 30, 2014: Dominica Parents Visit for Labor Day Weekend

We got up this morning and the morning was mostly focused on major household cleaning.    That was hours of cleaning.  A very busy morning.  The house is looking pretty good, though, especially the upstairs.  The girls’ room is looking more like a guest room than a kid’s room.  The house is feeling much improved after this week’s work.

Dominica’s parents arrived in the early afternoon.  The girls were very excited.

For lunch we had tomato and fake bacon sandwiches.  The tomatoes were fresh from Dominica’s grandfather’s garden and the sandwiches were amazing.  So tasty.

We had a pretty leisurely day.  This afternoon Dominica’s father took the pressure washer out that he had brought with them and pressure washed the house and the deck. That is another thing off of our list of things that the homeowner’s association wants us to do.  What a pain it is living here.  Now we need to get the deck sealed.  Always something.

Dominica cooked stuffed shells for dinner tonight.  After dinner we watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 which is really a perfect example of why I don’t watch comic book movies.  It was like the director didn’t even care.  The movie was uninteresting, ran on for forever and made no sense.  It wasn’t true to itself.  Suspension of disbelief is different than lazy writing.  Good writing, even in a fantasy world, still rewards people for paying attention.  Sloppy writing does not.

Liesl had a good time at movie night, snuggling with her grandmother most of the movie.  Liesl felt that the movie was far too long, though.  She started off strong but for the last forty-five minutes was like “isn’t this over yet?”  Luciana fell asleep before the halfway point on my lap.

Luciana slept on the inflatable mattress in our room tonight.  She was asleep hours before we all went to bed.  Liesl came into the big bed with us being the only one awake at bed time.