August 31, 2014: Restringing My Guitar

This morning we decided to go to the Westchester Diner for breakfast.  We had to wait for Liesl to wake up as she was the last one sleeping.  Everyone else was ready to leave and she was still completely asleep.  We made it down there before ten which is amazing for us but even so it was super busy and took forever for us to get our food.  The food was good when it finally arrived.  Why do we keep choosing Sunday mornings for breakfast, I have no idea.

Dominica made me string my old guitar and play it today.  We bought new strings a few months ago and they were hiding back behind the bookshelf in the dining room.  We fished them out and I spent an hour or so getting the guitar strung again and semi-tuned.  We had to put in at least half of an hour hunting around the house in boxes looking for my guitar music as well.  We managed to find everything, though, and I was able to play for a while.

This evening we watched a few episodes of BBC’s Sherlock.  Dominica’s parents had not seen it before and her dad is addicted now.  We watched two episodes all together before Liesl insisted that we try out some new video games…

Today I bought the Quest for Glory game series (five titles) for the girls from this weekend’s GOG sale.  Super cheap and I think that they will like them even though they are old (from my childhood.)  We played a little of Quest for Glory 1 this afternoon, maybe half an hour or forty five minutes.  I think that this game might be a bit hard for Liesl as it has a lot of time sensitive elements in it and she is not good at that yet.  I am going to have to find her an easier alternative.