October 28, 2014: Hurt Shoulder

Had to sleep in a little this morning since I was up quite late last night.  This morning, when I got up, I discovered an incredible pain in my left shoulder blade.  Apparently the exercising that I was doing while playing the video game was way more than I was used to and I have some amazing muscle pain today.  I was not expecting this at all.  It was so bad that I spent the entire day having massive muscle spasms all over and can barely move my head.  I mostly feel fine, it is just a lot of muscle pain.  Not fun, but whatever.  Pain that isn’t damage doesn’t really bother me.

I reached out to the office this morning to get the news, whatever it might be, that I missed yesterday because the call did not come in.  I really dislike living here sometimes.  The complete lack of communications services is really rough.  So I waited all day to hear back but did not get a call back today. Hold tight, I’m sure I’ll get a call in the morning.  I’m guessing that it is nothing too urgent if I went all day without a call back.

This evening I decided that  I needed get out and see people.  So around eight I jumped in the shower, got dressed and at nine I left the house and walked downtown to the Quietman Pub which is not a bad walk at all.  Of course it is all downhill on the way there.  It is the walk home that is rough.  I listened to the latest Prairie Home Companion as I walked and then some Rick Steves.  Now that I am not commuting to the office I do not have the time to listen to my podcasts and books like I did before.  So that was nice.

The evening was gorgeous.  Fifty seven degrees and calm.  A great night for a walk.  Unfortunately before leaving the driveway I dripped in the darkness and wrenched by back.  With the pain from earlier now it was really bad suddenly.  I was having spasms so bad while I walked that my body would twist over and over again.  It felt like I was holding a spinning bicycle wheel, it was that bad.

I got the pub and ordered an awesome field greens salad, turnip soup and some avocados.  It was a nice dinner.  I hung out with some locals and then the Hudson Room crew came in when they closed and LA of LA Soul came in and he and I hung out until about one thirty.  He was actually nice enough to give me a lift home so that I would not have to walk!  That was awesome.  So I was home quite quickly.  It was a really nice evening, although I was in pain the entire time.