October 29, 2014: Gamrhaus

When I woke up this morning my shoulder was in an insane level of pain.  I could not find any position that wasn’t horrible.  I think that I might have had a pinched nerve.  It made for a very rough day.  I could barely move all day although after I got out of bed it started to improve pretty quickly.  I took ibuprofen throughout the day and that seemed to help too.

One of my projects today was helping with a new online video game community Gamrhaus (pronounced Gamer House.)

I really had a quiet day today.  I did not go anywhere and pretty much did not move.  Tomorrow Art and Danielle are coming down in the morning so that Art can hang out at the house and Danielle can go into Manhattan to work for the day.  So I will get to see real people for a change!

I did get a call today with the latest news on my situation.  Unfortunately it isn’t so much news as just an update.  No real news expected until around Monday.  So just hang tight for a few days.  No one needs to ask me about status because the status is just that I am waiting until Tuesday and hopefully will know something around that time.

Here is to hoping that my shoulder is okay tomorrow.  If it is as bad tomorrow as it is today I am going to need to go see a doctor.  I cannot figure out what is wrong with it.