October 30, 2014: Hanging with Art

My shoulder was much better this morning.  I had made a point of sleeping on it to immobilize it last night and that seems to have done the trick.  Thank goodness.  I got up and showered quickly and immediately ran down to Pastel’s because Art and Danielle had gotten into town an hour early and were having breakfast.  We didn’t have much time as Danielle needed to catch the morning train into the city.

Art and I hung out for a while and did some work for a few hours too.  Danielle’s day ended up being much shorter than anticipated and she was back in Peekskill before two in the afternoon.  So we got her at the train station and then went to the Westchester Diner for a late lunch.

We spent maybe another half an hour at the house but that was all.  They wanted to get onto the road back home before rush hour traffic would start.  We got the extra desk loaded up in their minivan. Dominica will be happy to discover that we remembered that on this trip.  We tend to forget those things pretty often.  One large item from our house that does not have to move again.  At least not when we move.

So they were gone by four.