November 9, 2014: Back to the Future

A quiet Sunday in the Miller household.

This evening we played Wind Waker for a while but got stuck and I needed time to go look some things up before we would be able to play again.  So we switched to playing Space Quest IV which we were able to complete tonight.  The girls loved it, as they have loved all of the Space Quest games.  We fired up Space Quest V just so that they could get a look at it too as they are always desperate to know what the next game in the series is going to look like.  SQ4 had full voice acting which was nice, but the graphics were poor.  SQ5 improves the graphics a lot both in quality and style.  It is good enough to be really enjoyable from a graphical perspective.  But it drops voice acting in favour of cartoon dialogue balloons which is well done but not as nice.  I’ve heard that SQ6 has even better graphics and goes back to the voice acting.  One can hope.

Tonight we talked Liesl into trying out watching Back to the Future.  She has never seen any of these movies and neither Dominica nor I have seen any of them in a very, very long time.  They were such classic and iconic movies of the 1980s and I feel so very attached to them but now, going to watch them again with the girls, they feel so insanely long ago and far away.  But Liesl enjoyed watching the first movie and we had a good time.