October 31, 2014: Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I have a feeling that some of my back and neck pain is from being at my desk so much the past three weeks (this morning marks my three week point of being home continuously!)  So I found a large book and put it under my non-adjustable monitor to see if that would help by having me look more forward facing and less downward.  My desk was set up more for casual use than for regular use.  Unfortunately I really needed my new desktop prior to this long stretch at home but now that I am home there isn’t time to get it and make use of it, and we don’t want to spend that much money unnecessarily and we have no idea if I am home for a long time yet or just another day or two.  So, I am stuck with what I have.

Around five or six this evening I got the first of my trick or treaters.  I quickly discovered that the candy that Dominica had bought was nowhere to be found.  I searched all over and could not find it.  I had to turn away the first people that came to me door because I had nothing for them.  I knew that she had picked up candy for me to give out because I told her that I had to have something (she wanted me to give out regular food!!)  I had not turned the lights on yet so they could only be so upset, I wasn’t advertising that I had anything.

So I called Dominica and she explained that the candy was hidden in the cupboard under the coffee maker back behind the normal stuff in there.  Um, how was I ever supposed to find that?  Often these things are just “Scott doesn’t look for things like normal people.”  I understand that I am not good at finding things.  But this was a bit crazy.  In a cupboard where that stuff doesn’t go, in front of which is stacked boxes so I wouldn’t even know that that had been opened recently, back behind the things that normally go in there so even if I looked in there I would not find it…. wow.

After that point, I got a lot of trick or treaters.  More than I have ever gotten, anywhere, before.  Including the two that I had to turn away, I got 82 total before I turned off the lights and acted like I wasn’t home because it was dark, late and we were out of candy.  That is a lot of kids.

Liesl and Luciana had a great time dressed up as princesses and they collected a lot of candy.  They always have a great time going around in Houston.  Luciana fell asleep before they were done, she just couldn’t take anymore.  Liesl could not walk by the end and Dominica had to carry her on her back for the last mile.  At least Dominica got some good exercise out of the whole thing.  At least I got to see some pictures of them trick or treating.  Madeline went as a weeping angel, which is awesome.  I am very sad to not get to be out with my girls tonight 🙁

I had to set up a new community tonight for Reel Fishing.  If you are into fishing, which I am not, check it out.  Once I was done with that I played maybe half an hour of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2.  But the game crashed after not too long and I wasn’t feeling much like going back and doing it again.  I had saved not too far from where it crashed.  But I did not have a lot of energy.  So I called it a night.

I went to bed quite early, for me, tonight.  Decided that I was just not going to be productive and felt like getting some rest.  So I did.  It’s nice having no schedule.