December 23, 2014: Night at the Museum 3

Dominica got to sleep in a bit this morning because Francesca had to take Garrett to the clinic early this morning to get tested for strep throat which, as we already knew, he has.  Then Francesca picked Dominica up and they went shopping again this morning.  This should be their final shopping trip for Christmas.

I watched the girls for a while and then took them over to Francesca’s house around one.  I had a light lunch there and then went back to Joe’s for two hours to do a little more work and to shower and stuff so that I could go back at three to get Dominica dad and all of the six kids because we were taking them to see Night at the Museum 3 so that Dominica and Francesca could get some Christmas work done at the house.

We went down to the Mall of the Mainland to the Cinemark 12 there.  The movie was awesome. Liesl has been dying to see it.  It was a really great wrap up to the other two films.  I was really impressed at how well and how touchingly they tied the three together.  I really enjoyed it.  Luciana spend the entire movie sitting in my lap.  She was tired of sitting in the theatre by about halfway through but she did a great job and stayed quiet and sat through it even though she did not want to.

After the movie we went back to Francesca’s house and everyone got Panda Express and watched Home Alone which I have not sat through actually watching it in a very long time.

After the movie the kids played.  Liesl has been addicted to watching the cheesy Anime show Yu Gi Oh.  She and Garrett played some Call of Duty too.  Dominica, Francesca and I set about working on our ugly sweaters for the contest on Christmas.  I did not have the supplies that I needed so Emily and I made a run to Walgreens and stocked up on stuff.  My sweater is going to be pretty good.  Unfortunately it also cost $80 to make 🙁

We spent hours working on the sweaters.  That is a lot of work.  I was no where near done by the end either.

It was nearly midnight when we got back to Joe’s house.  Luciana put herself straight to bed.  No pajamas or anything, just “carry my up and put me in bed.”  Liesl was only minutes behind her.  Neither changed, grabbed iPads or anything.  Luciana was asleep in under a minute.  Liesl in a few minutes.

Dominica and I stayed up talking with Brittany until Joe got home from work.  It was well after midnight when he got home and he has to be back at seven in the morning so he went straight to bed.