December 24, 2014: Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

We all slept in this morning.  We have been pretty tired.  Got up around nine.  I took the laptop downstairs and got to work.  Not the busiest day, but some amount of stuff to do.  I am still so incredibly backlogged with work that I will be struggling all month just to get ready for us to start our new adventures at the end of the month.  Just catching up on emails alone is a struggle.

Dominica went over to Francesca’s late this morning.  Francesca came over to pick her up so that I could keep the car for driving the kids around later.  They are helping the Grice kids to work on their ugly sweaters this morning.

Liesl and Luciana opened the last door in their Playmobile Princess Wedding Advent Calendar this morning.  They got the horse that they both believed was in there.  So they spent the morning playing together with their new Playmobile stuff.  They sat at the table with me so I could overhear the storytelling unfold.  It is so cool to get to casually hear Liesl’s rich, imaginative worlds unfold.  Her play time is so complex.

The girls and I went over to Francesca’s house later in the day.  We were there for a few hours then back over to Joe’s house for Christmas Eve dinner a little later on.  We had a nice evening with the whole family hanging out.  I played pool and darts with the guys for a while.  Dominica and Francesca took the kids back over to Francesca’s house earlier in the evening to get them ready for bed and to get them to all settle down and to do their Christmas Elf pajama routine.

Once everyone was in bed and asleep all of the guys drove over and we all worked on setting up for Christmas until about half past midnight.  This was one of the earliest nights being down with that that I can ever remember.  Still very late and we are all really tired.  I’ve been telling Dominica that she really needs to get more sleep and to be sure to take her vitamins because she is getting run down and is going to wind up getting sick if she isn’t careful.