December 25, 2014: Christmas

The kids all slept at Francesca’s last night.  Dominica and I slept at Joe’s house but had to be up by seven this morning in order to get over there in time for everything.  So we had both of our alarms set for seven.

Dominica was actually up early and ready to go before seven. She came into the bedroom and flipped on the light at exactly seven, the very instant that both her and my cell phones went off.  It was like a bomb went off in the bedroom.  I leapt out of bed pretty darn quickly!

We were ready to go in a few minutes and were quickly over to the Grices’ house for Christ.  We were there long before eight.  The kids were up not too long after we were there.  Joe and Brittany did not come over for a few hours.  Brittany is starting to feel a little under the weather and everyone figured that she would need some extra sleep and Joe has been working long days the last couple.

The kids had all gone to bed on the early side and so were up at a pretty early hour (for them.)  We got right to the business of opening presents which went on until nearly two in the afternoon.

Dominica and my big present from her parents is a GoPro Hero4 Black ultra high definition (4K) professional camcorder.  We are very excited about this in general but especially now that we are going to be in Europe and California so much of the time!  We had originally asked for this when we were hoping to be vacationing in Europe for a few weeks this year, but now that it is going to be most of the year it really changes things! The value of this went way up.  It is really perfect for us.

After we were done opening presents we went back over to Joe and Brittany’s house for Christmas even dinner around four.  After dinner we did our “ugly sweater contest.”  I only got one vote, from Liesl.  Luciana votes for herself, of course.  My sweater was pretty awesome, though, I had several pounds of green garland to make me look like a Christmas tree and then silver garland to make it look like I was decorated.  Then candy canes hanging off of me and twenty five feet of purple LED Christmas lights!  It was pretty intense.  And heavy.  And expensive.  And I only got one vote 🙁  I even had a star for the top of my head.