December 5, 2014: Night at the Museum

It’s Friday and I am pretty much taking the day off to just spend time with the family outside of the core job hunting duties that take up my time.  The girls really missed me and want to spend a lot of time together.  They had sneaked into our room last night and slept with us, so we stayed in bed late and snuggled much of the morning.

I was told that I would get feedback on my Wednesday interviews either yesterday or, more likely, today.  But I went all day and did not hear a single thing.  Not a good sign.  I hate that companies do this.  Making decisions on hiring should not take a long time.  If they know that they want me, say so.  If they know that they do not, say so.  If it takes more than a quick discussion to make a decision then you are waiting too long and the memory of the person starts to fade and the hiring process gets very sloppy, very quickly.  Considering the cost, both in raw money and in people time, to bring me out to Seattle for the week, it seems like keeping on top of the process would be a high priority.

I had a call with another company at noon today.  That one scheduled a first round technical interview for Monday morning.  This is a really tough one so I am going to be spending the weekend preparing for that interview.

I talked with several companies today, it was very productive.  Amazing that there is so much happening still in December.

We decided that we are going to have a cargo van run up to dad’s place early next week to drop a load of our stuff that we get packed up over the weekend and then pick up our stove from Dominica’s parents’ house on the way back so that Art can install it when he is here next weekend.  That is going to make for a really busy week especially if the Monday interview goes well because if that one goes well we are anticipating that I will be going to California as early as Friday for more interviews.  We have a lot going on in a very short amount of time.

I was very busy all day working on Python stuff.  I’ve been reading some of my Python books from my extensive library.  I am happy to be doing programming so much again.  I love getting to program but get to do it so seldom.

This evening we tried to get Liesl to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark but had very little luck getting her interested in it.  We finally settled on Night at the Museum which turned out to be a huge hit.  By the end, Liesl declared it to be her favourite movie of all time!  Well that was a good idea.  I can’t believe that we have not watched it before now.  I guess that we just forgot about it.  Dominica and I have always really liked that movie.  Luciana decided not to watch it and went upstairs to have her alone time and just played games on the white iPad (the iPad 2.)  The girls have been getting new Baby Bus games all week and both of them have been addicted to playing them.  So she was content to have time to herself to play her games.