December 6, 2014: Night at the Museum 2

I slept in again this morning.  Dominica was up before me.  The girls came in and said “oh no, no snuggles” and climbed into bed with their iPads and hung out with me for a while.  They love getting to do that.  We get a lot of hanging out time that way, just the three of us.

I got up and spent the majority of the day working on going through the book on Python programming that I had started yesterday afternoon.  This is a major learning project in a very short time.  Dominica did laundry today and we were going to spend the day packing in between me working on Python but we were out of packing tape and Dominica was not motivated to go to the store to get any more.  So tomorrow is going to be a really intense packing day, I am afraid.

It was dark and rainy all day today.  No sun at all.  This encouraged Dominica to make it a day to stay at home.

I went up to the attic to get boxes and stuff to pack in the cargo van on Monday, but when I was going up the stairs the left hand side metal piece that holds the stairs ripped off.  Three bolts sheared off (we never found the missing parts, no idea where they went or maybe they were missing before) and the main bolt came loose!  Thankfully the stairs did not collapse, it just scared me as everything went flying and now we have to deal with repairing the stairs.  One more thing to deal with in the very limited time that we have between now and when we intend to move out of this house (which is, in theory, as early as late December!)

Since we are almost out of groceries in the house, we ordered in Chinese delivery for dinner.  We really like the Chinese place that we have discovered here.  We use them at least once a week now.  So handy that we can order online – easy, fast and no confusion and we are even able to pay ahead of time.  We love it.  That option alone makes us choose them over the alternatives.  It saves them money too, in addition to winning them customers.

The girls watched Night at the Museum again today.  Well Liesl did.  Luciana made it farther than she did last night but part way through she came upstairs to play Baby Bus games on the iPad in my room with me while Liesl watched it again.  When that movie was over we all watched Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian together.  Liesl liked it just as much as the first one and Luciana, who actually made it through the entire movie, loved it too.  These were great choices.  I am surprised that we went so long without getting these movies for them.  We had sort of forgotten about them.

After that Luciana went to bed.  Liesl stayed up for a little while to work on her storyboard for the book that she wants to make from the book making kit that my dad got her for Christmas.  She has been working on that for days.  So Dominica and I caught up on Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl and The Mindy Project while Liesl worked on that.