December 7, 2014: Packing Day

Today is dedicated to packing up the house as well as me continuing on my work on Python.  I was up on the early side today because Luciana got up early and got me up with her.  So I got to work on my Python work rather early.  Dominica got off to the store around ten thirty to go get the packing tape that we need to put the boxes together to start boxing things up.  There is so much packing to be done!  Even just this first load is going to be huge.  An entire cargo van is a lot of space to fill up.  And we plan to that plus another Acadia and a Spark load to ship up to dad’s in the near future.  That is just a lot of stuff to do in short order.

Any shopping trip of this nature is always a massive affair.  Dominica was gone for several hours.

Dominica packed all day.  She put in something like four hours of solid packing which is enough to completely exhaust anyone.  Her back does not allow her to even do that much let alone do any more.  I spent probably half an hour helping out, but the process did not start until the afternoon after she had done the shopping (because we needed packing tape to get started) and I was pretty swamped trying to study Python with the remaining time.