November 11, 2014: Final Day at BW

While I have been at home for a month now, today was officially my final day at my old job.  As of this evening, I am completely dissociated with them now.  In some ways that is stressful and in other ways, it is very nice.  I am not their employee any longer.  My final paycheck should arrive in the mail tomorrow.

Did not go anywhere today. We have been very much just homebodies these days.  I spent the day doing a lot of posting, as I have been doing, and some writing.  We watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother today.  Dominica and I are working our way back through the series.  Liesl even commented that she knows this show well because we have been watching it her whole life.  Which is true, we’ve been watching for like eight years or more!

This evening I put in an hour playing Space Quest V with the girls.  I still cannot get over how much they love that series.  They are so into the storyline and know everything that is going on.  It’s amazing.

Dominica has been playing a lot of The Sims 3 since last night when she got it installed on her laptop again. It has been a few years, I think, since she last played it.

Pretty slow day around here.  A few long phone calls.  Still trying to make heads and tails of the situation that is going on. No real news to deliver yet.  Things just keep dragging on.

Tonight we had another family movie night and watched Back to the Future III.  Liesl enjoyed the whole series.