November 12, 2014: First Day “Unemployed”

My first day “unemployed”, more or less.  Not exactly, but essentially.  We are living on vacation time now.  My final paycheck came FedEx this morning and appeared, more or less, to be in order.  There is not great transparency on these things but it seemed correct as far as I could tell.

There is going to be a severance offer but it might be a little while before we get that to know what it is really going to be like.  I should know something about that in about a week, maybe two.  At this point we don’t know if that is going to be any good, if it is something that we can actually take, what it all means, etc.

Did a lot of posting today.  And a lot of writing.  Dominica set to playing the Sims 3 pretty early on this morning.

We are trying to figure out what our plans are going to be from this point going forward.  Much stress, of course.