November 13, 2014: Catching Up on Sleepy Hollow

This whole being unemployed thing is very odd.  We don’t know anything about the severance deal yet so we are very much at a loss for exactly what we should be doing and when.

This evening, when the girls were playing on their own somewhere, Dominica and I worked to start catching back up on the series Sleepy Hollow which we like quite a bit but it is too scary to be watching when the girls are around so we have a tendency to not get to watch it too often causing us to binge watch it when we get a chance.

We discovered today that the “What are you doing?” thread on MangoLassi is getting over 2,000 hits per day which is pretty amazing for a single thread.  This is the first really high volume that has been seen.

Did some more writing today and got another article written and out the door.  At least being home all of this time allows me to get time to write and stuff.  Although because of the amount of stuff going on and the stress and everything it has actually been incredibly hard to keep SGL updated, which might seem unlikely.  So it has been about the furthest behind that it has ever been these past two months.  At least the most that it has been behind for four or five years now, I would say.