January 10, 2015: Movie Day

It is the weekend, although none of us can really tell what day it is anymore.  Our schedules have been so weird for so long that we are really just kind of lost as far as what day it is or even what time of day it is.

We relaxed most of today too.  It is a weekend, you know!  We slept in like crazy today, none of us were up until after eleven!  We have been pretty tired so that was probably pretty good for everyone.  It makes for a short day, though.

Dominica and I tried to watch the British file The Trip today but found it to be boring and actually kind of annoying.  Two bad actors doing fictitious and annoying versions of themselves while doing bad impressions of people we mostly could not identify while driving around the countryside (the only interesting part)  and stopping to eat.  Not entertaining at all.  We gave it about twenty minutes and gave up.

We then watched Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels which is a classic and neither of us has seen in a very long time.  What a great movie.  It has been so long since I have seen it that I really forgot just how good it really was.  We really enjoyed seeing that again.

This evening we watched National Treasure as a family.  Liesl came downstairs and said that she had decided to watch a movie with us because I had seemed sad when she said that she didn’t want to do something together this evening so that she could play her Furby game.  She is so sweet.  She ended up really enjoying the movie too.

Right at the beginning of the movie Luciana said that she was going to bed and promptly put herself to bed and was asleep in no time.  She fell asleep with an iPad on her head, which was pretty funny.

After Liesl went to bed at eleven, Dominica and I stayed up and watched the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow.  Although I am afraid that that series has now jumped the shark.