January 11, 2015: Hudson Room

Slept in a bit again today but nothing like yesterday.  Today is a bit of a cleaning day as Ryan is coming over this evening.  This is his last chance to see us before we move out of New York.

Ryan came over this evening, probably around four.  We hung out and visited for a few hours.  The girls were, as always, super excited to have someone different at the house and had to talk to him and jump on him to no end. Liesl wanted to go on and on about her Furbies.  Luciana decided that Ryan was very handsome and that she would marry him when she grows up.

Ryan had wanted to go to the Peekskill Brewery for dinner because he is into beer and wanted to check out their beers.  So around six we went down there and discovered that they had closed at four, even though their website, which we checked just before leaving the house, had said that their kitchen was going to be open until eight.  Not professional at all, Peekskill Brewery.  How hard is it to post an early closing on your website?  Answer: not hard at all.

So we decided instead to go to the Hudson Room which I had been telling Dominica about for a while and is conveniently located right downtown.  So that was a quick drive.  We were a little nervous about taking the girls there.  It is a rather fancy restaurant.  But we peeked in the windows as we walked around the corner and they were not busy at all, tons of open tables and space, and there were two tables there with small children too.   So we decided to take the chance on it.

We got a big, semi-circle booth with a very high, cushioned back which was perfect because the girls were able to sit in there where any noise that they made was absorbed by the booth.  It was really perfect. Although, in reality, we did not need it as both girls were perfect angels all evening.  They were so good, we could not believe it.

We did the Prix Fixe dinner.  Dominica and Ryan both got the tofu stir fry, which I had had last time and really enjoyed.  I got the salmon which was excellent.  We had calamari, salmon and tuna tartar and edamame for appetizers.  Luciana opted for just some French fries as her dinner, she has been on a French fry kick recently.  Liesl wanted penne.

All of our food was really good.  Liesl did not like the cheese on her penne and we had to get her another thing of penne that was nothing but butter, but she devoured that.  I ended up eating her original penne which was awesome.

After dinner we came back to the house for a while.  The girls played upstairs together and were very good.  We hung out for a little while.  Ryan was going to take the late Amtrak back to Manhattan but they were getting later and later.  So originally we were going to go to Croton to drop him off around ten thirty but it ended up being more like eleven thirty and, in the end, the Amtrak train did not come until about three in the morning.  He had to take a different series of trains and buses to get back to Newark around one or two in the morning.  What a pain.

Dominica and I caught up on The Mindy Project  and mostly on Brooklyn Nine Nine before heading to bed.