January 9, 2015: Taking a Day Off

I really had forgotten just how awesome our beds are here at the house in Peekskill.  Both Dominic and my bed and the girls’ beds are just awesome.  So easy to get a great night’s sleep here.  I am pretty sad thinking about the fact that after the next two weeks we are looking at probably years before we get to sleep in beds so nice again!

I worked most of the day from my desktop.  Boy have I missed that too.  A great chair, a great work surface, two huge screens, a good keyboard, a mouse that does not skip all over when trying to use it… it is the little things that you miss the most when you have been away.

This afternoon, since there is no food in the house, we ordered in Domino’s pizza to make things easy.

This evening Dominica went out running errands and doing some shopping for three and a half hours. There is no food, no chocolate milk (Pediasure) for the girls, no nothing in this house.  It is empty.

I managed to get some GoPro footage from the past week edited, compressed and uploaded to YouTube today too.  Just a couple of videos.  One of Liesl using her new needle felting “sewing” kit while in Houston is there along with two videos of the cousins that I took while we were in Ohio this week.  The GoPro takes great video but it takes a lot of effort to get videos uploaded from it too.

After Dominica got home from shopping we watched a movie together as a family.  We started watching the new Tom Clancy movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Agent but after ten minutes or so we realized that we had watched it already this year.  Probably at some point it was rented while we were at Dominica’s parents’ house.  So we stopped watching that and decided to watch Bruce Almighty instead.  We have not seen that movie in a really long time.

We were going to watch another movie after that but then we realized that it was after midnight!  Our internal clocks are all messed up from having been in central time and having done lots of very late night driving.  We can’t tell what time it is at all.