January 12, 2015: Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

We got up at a more reasonable time today and today we actually managed to do some of the packing that so desperately needs our attention this week.  Our window for getting everything done here in Peekskill is rapidly closing. Although now we have discovered that our renters (we thought) are having issues with their current rental situation and do not know if they are going to be able to figure out how to move into the house.  That is going to cause all kinds of issues.  They are working on figuring out a solution but we do not know yet what that is going to be so we are now stuck with a new unknown that we are trying to figure out so that we can make plans again.  There seems to be no end to the whole life situation being thrown into a state of chaos.

It was  a decently productive day.  We managed to eat a lot of the food that had is still here in the house.  We need to make as much of that as possibly go away in the next week.  Not much time left to eat everything.

I spent an hour and a half playing Space Quest V with the girls tonight.  They were both begging and begging to play it.  We played until we got stuck on another part again.  Saving that for maybe tomorrow night.  I want to wrap up some of these video games that we have been playing before we pack up all of our systems and move on down to Texas with them.  I would rather not be stuck in the middle of a game and have the system never get unpacked again.  I have had that happen too many times before.

This evening, we got the girls off to bed at a more reasonable time and Dominica and I watched Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison which is a southern Pacific Word War II film from 1957.  It was rather boring overall, but somewhat interesting and definitely one that I have never seen before.  A break from the ordinary.