January 13, 2015: John Adams

I managed to get a little more work done today and we got more planning done about our move.  The moving truck is scheduled for the twentieth, that is one week from today.  So we have seven days to have everything ready.  That is not much time.  We are also planning on making a trip to dad’s house the day after tomorrow.  That trip will involve one full load of the Acadia, which is a fair amount of the stuff that is left, and delivering the Spark to be stored there.  We plan to stay there and visit until early Saturday morning.  Then we will drive back to Peekskill with just the Acadia.  So, in reality, we only have about four days left to pack up the entire house.  And, of course, we still have no idea what is going on as per the rental situation.  So we are very much in the dark about that.

I got to talk to my office today.  Travel plans for San Francisco are not finalized yet.  I suspect that I am flying out on the 25th but we do not know that yet.  My new desk is all set up, though, which is cool.  They sent me a picture of it today.  It is pretty rare for a job to have my desk set up before I start working rather than long afterwards once I have been sitting around idle for a long time.  I am getting a maxed out Macbook Pro too, which is pretty awesome.  That is the computer that I will be using for work while we are living in Europe.

We started watching the 2008 mini-series John Adams from HBO today.  I have been wanting to watch that for a long time.  I read the book long that the series was based on.  Dominica has not read the book.  We watched the first episode, which is over an hour, this afternoon and will save another one for this evening.  Dominica is really getting into it.  She has studied the American Colonial era and the American Revolution far less than I have so it is kind of like an adventure movie for her finding out all of the things that happened.  The mini-series is not all that historically accurate, sadly, which is really too bad.  They put forth such an effort but didn’t both to be a good, historical reference.

We did a little more packing today.  That is getting to be very slow going as so much of what is left is the hard stuff to pack and everything is in our way now.

This afternoon we ordered in from Nonna’s, down the hill, for something different.  Pasta and eggplant parm.

I have been playing Trivia Crack on my iPhone a lot recently.  I started playing with Madeline while we were in Texas.  I have been the top scorer for the past two weeks!  A couple of days ago I decided that I needed to increase the challenge level to make it more interesting so I have started playing in Spanish and Catalan.  I figured that I might as well make it an educational experience and I am definitely getting much better at reading Spanish very quickly by doing so.  I started using DuoLingo, again, this time working on Spanish.  Four years of Spanish in high school did not teach me much but things are starting to come back a little bit.

We watched more of John Adams this evening.

This evening we bought the Lonely Planet guide book to Andalucia to prepare for our move.  Time to start learning a lot about the region.