January 18, 2015: Rob Visits

We spent most of this morning cleaning the house.  Dominica focused more on the cleaning.  I did some and got a lot of family genealogy research done.  I managed to track down some interesting family history like that we are descended from the very first Amish Bishop in America, that the family can trace its back to Bern in the early 1200s and that we are directly descended from the Hochstetler Massacre of 1757 during the French and Indian War.

Rob came up in the early afternoon.  The weather was awful today and his drive was pretty terrible.  It’s right at freezing and it has been raining all day.  So the ground is covered in ice.   A thick sheet of it.  Driving was really treacherous, there is a little fog rolling in and roads all over Westchester County have been closed.

We didn’t stay at the house for long, Rob wanted to get dinner and get back to the city on the early side before it got dark as the roads would be even more dangerous then.  So we went down to the Peekskill Brewery for a late brunch.

Brunch was okay.  The menu of the Peekskill Brewery left a lot to be desired for brunch and the one thing that Dominica and I thought looked really interesting they did not even have.  So our only choices were a catfish sandwich (not a very impressive fish offering) and French toast.  So we both went for the French toast.  I got mine with a kale salad, which was decent.  The French toast itself was okay but certainly nothing special.  Dominica didn’t even bother to eat half of hers and she shared some of the half that she did eat with Luciana.  So that was not a hit at all.  Liesl managed to get some pasta with butter which she liked.

The beer, at least, was good.  For the bill to be over $150 I expect a more impressive brunch than that.  We would have had ten times the food, higher quality, a more desirable setting at a fifth the price if we were back in Dallas.  This reminds us of how much we are looking forward to moving out of Peekskill.  The lack of good food options really wears on us.  And what little is here is so expensive.

Back at the house we had some amazing Scotch that Rob had brought for us.  It was very, very good.  He did not stay too long, though, wanting to get onto the road before it was too late.

This evening we watched Johnny English with the girls.  They both really liked it.  We have not seen it in a long time.  We bought it from Amazon.  When it was done we could not decide what we wanted to watch next so I suggested the sequel, Johnny English Reborn.  Dominica himmed and hawed about it but when she looked to see what we might want to see on Netflix she saw that it had been released, for free, just today!  So we watched the first half of that before everyone went off to bed.  What perfect timing.  We will finish it tomorrow.