February 10, 2015: Unpacking at Dad’s

Dominica and I slept in all that we could this morning.  We were up around eight thirty, though.  No time to really sleep in, there is a truck to unload today!  So we got up and dad went down to the barn to finish up the last little bit of building the storage unit down there.  It was almost ready for us.  So we had some coffee while he finished up and I did a little posting to catch up what I could.  I feel very far behind on everything after doing nothing but traveling, packing or now unpacking since Friday evening!  What a weekend it has been.  It is already Tuesday and I have not stopped moving yet.

We were down to the barn to get moving by nine thirty, I would say.  Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo came down to help and Danielle and Mike came up too.  The first order of business was getting the twenty foot box truck into position which turned out to be rather a challenge.  It got stuck several times and needed dug out and chains put behind it and after many attempts we finally got it into a useful position to unload.  That was pretty scary, it was pretty stuck and it is huge.  Nothing we have could possibly pull that anywhere.  Of course, now we have to worry about how to get it out of the driveway once all of the stuff is out of the back of it which will be even harder as it will be so light at that point.

We set about unloading the truck with everyone there.  It is super cold today, twenty degrees or possibly below.  In no time I was wet with sweat that then froze to me.  My hair was all covered in ice.  I had ice on my beard and mustache.  It was so warm moving so much stuff, though, that I did not use a jacket all day.

Danielle was only able to stay for a little bit as she had lots of work to do but she dropped off Mike and the minivan that we were loading with stuff too since they are taking a lot of the office equipment with them including monitors, desks, espresso machine, UPSs, etc.  Mike was a huge help as he was able to do a lot of the heavy lifting with me.

It took about four hours to get everything unloaded, such faster than loading the truck.  We were all done around one thirty.  Perfect time for me to get to work.  It worked out really well.

It was such a relief to get all of that unpacking wrapped up.  The only thing left is to get the truck unstuck and down to Mt. Morris to drop it off.  We are planning on waiting on that until tomorrow, however.  We are all completely exhausted today.

Art and Danielle picked Mike up shortly after we were finished and Sharon and Leo decided to go back home and nap.  We ordered food in from Pap Roni’s (Davis’) in Pavilion and they delivered it so that we would not have to try to get a car out of the blocked driveway.

We got pizza, mac and cheese bites, onion rings and a sub for dad.  We were frozen and soar.  Time to just do nothing for a while.  I needed to work but was able to do so from the laptop just sitting at the kitchen table so went no where at all.

I spent the day working from my laptop.  Nothing too exciting happened once we had finished unloading the truck.  In the late afternoon dad and I went out and got the truck unstuck and lined up so that we will be able to get it out and take it back to UHaul in the morning.  We did not want that hanging over our heads all night as it might have left us with a disaster tomorrow. Now it should be pretty easy to just back it out and drive it down and be done with it.

Dominica spent most of the rest of the day doing bits of laundry intermittently between long bouts of sitting on the couch and reading on an iPad.  She is really worn out and needs a rest.

I managed to get a lot of posting done today both in tech posts and getting SGL completely up to date.

We all went to bed pretty early.   We are all tired and soar.  The girls wanted to stay up quite late, they had a slow day rather than a busy one and were full of energy all night.

Tomorrow morning we are going to take the girls down to Sharon and Leo’s to see the kitties and then we are going to drop off the truck and get lunch in Mt. Morris at Questa Lasagna which we have been wanting to try for a very long time but have never gotten a chance to do.