February 11, 2015: Returning the Truck

Second day at dad’s.  This morning our first task was to get the UHaul truck delivered down to Leicester. We got up and the girls slept in for quite some time.  Dominica and I were both up before eight.  Liesl and Luciana slept in until around ten.  We needed to be out the door by ten thirty.

Dad helped guide me out of the driveway with the big truck.  I had to back out, which was no fun.  But it went well and I drove down to Leicester and dropped the truck off.  Dad and Dominica each drove down and picked me up and we went to the Questra Lasagna in Mt. Morris for lunch getting there right as they opened at eleven.  Sharon and Leo joined us just after we arrived.

The food was really excellent!  I wish that we had gone there sooner.  Everything was great.

It was a very good thing that we got there so early. It took more than an hour and a half to get lunch without any dessert.  I had to leave everyone early and borrow dad’s Volvo and drive back to his house early so that I could start work for the day and only barely made it for the start of day meeting at one in the afternoon when we started lunch at five after eleven!

Everyone else went to Sharon and Leo’s house for a while and played with their kittens.  I worked for the rest of the day until about nine thirty in the evening.

Dominica did a bit of work today, getting the car packed and things ready so that we can travel early in the morning.  We need to leave by seven to have a good chance of getting out to my aunt’s house before I need to work.

We were still all pretty tired today.  But far better than yesterday.