February 13, 2015: Leaving Ohio

It is Friday the thirteenth.  I was up around eight this morning and got right to work down in the kitchen on my MacBook posting on MangoLassi as we were having a major event today.  It was a very busy morning with tons and tons of activity on the site.  We were really happy with the turn out.

Monica came over early this morning and played with the girls all day.  They had a great time.  Most of the family came over in the middle of the afternoon and stayed until I was nearly done with work.  They wanted to do lunch but we could not leave and getting dinner would have meant eating out after work was done and that was not a good option as it would have simply made us an hour or more later leaving Ohio which would have made the drive much harder.  No, better for us to just eat quickly while on the road.

We said our goodbyes and were off around seven thirty.  This is a three day weekend and Fridays tend to be early days.  So we were able to take off a little on the early side, which was awesome.

On the way out of East Canton we hit the Dollar General to pick up some candy for the girls and a  replacement auxiliary cable for the Acadia since we have no idea where we packed our existing one.  That only took a minute and then we swung into McDonald’s, since there was one right on Ohio 30, and grabbed a quick dinner to eat in the car and we were onto the highway and under way.

The drive went fine tonight and as soon as we were onto the highway portion of OH30 the roads were completely clear and we had to deal with no snow at all for the entire evening.  We were very thankful for that.

We continued reading “Eldest” which we had started while on the drive up to New York a few weeks ago.

It was around one thirty when I decided that I was getting pretty tired and that driving straight through was not likely going to work.  So we got to the south side of Louisville, Kentucky and stopped at the EconoLodge there.  Oddly, it turned out to be the EconoLodge that we stayed at on our last trip southbound to Texas before Christmas!  We were very thankful to get the very last room that they had available and it turned out to be two double beds so that worked out just fine.

We were asleep around two.  Tonight Liesl and I had one bed and Dominica and Luciana had the other.

Lots of driving to do tomorrow. Time for sleep now.

Today concluded my third week at the new job.